One comment on “ALFRED WEBRE : The real news 23rd Nov : Nibiru Is on its way and history says so : It is Written in stone

  1. Nibiru is a hoax perpetrated by Sitchin. Here is an excerpt from The Oracle of Enheduanna:

    “Zecharia Sitchin published his interpretation of ancient Mesopotamian mythology during the 1970’s with the release of the book entitled, The 12th Planet, along with other writings to support his theories.

    Sitchin made the hypothesis that the gods of the Sumerian culture came from a planet that rotates around our solar system every 3,600 years. This planet, according to Sitchin, is named Nibiru. Although Sitchin’s theories have become very popular, his ideas were rejected by both scientists and academics alike, and rightfully so.

    Sitchin gained a degree in economics from the University of London and worked as an editor, journalist, and later as an executive at a shipping company. Sitchin was not educated by any academic institution that focused on the subject of ancient Mesopotamia. He taught himself Sumerian cuneiform. Sitchin visited several historical sites, and promoted himself as a Biblical scholar. Sitchin never took the time to understand how to normalize Akkadian sentence structure, which led to his misinterpretation of certain texts. Examples of this can be seen in the English language today. The English term “run,” for example, can have several different meanings. If someone, foreign to the English language was to give this term a basic definition of walking swiftly, or what have you, without considering the context that this term would appear in relation to other words in the sentence, meanings and ideas of the word “run” will be misinterpreted. The individual may define the phrase running water, as water walking swiftly by an object. While examples like these may be somewhat amusing, they illustrate the erroneous aspects of Sitchin’s work, and his fallacy of taking the meaning of certain Sumerian terms and using them in a different context.

    Sumerian spirituality was polytheistic to say the least, a technology that revealed a connection to the divine in all things. More importantly, the ancient Mesopotamians viewed life itself as an extension of the divine. For whatever reasons, Sitchin took the Sumerian legacy out of context and allowed his view of the world to cloud his understanding of ancient Mesopotamia. Unfortunately, he could not see the simple logic of all indigenous peoples and their spiritual paradigms, which dictates that the true rulers of humanity are the emotions emanating from stellar forces and the environment.”

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