2 comments on “The Mechanics of Prayer and Quantum Physics

  1. I will give you an advice.

    This is one of the gate opening techs, and dont for a second lett my words misslead you inot what ever Others have writen about it, and the use of some “mentale images” manifested on the ground, all over the world.
    The spiral and the Eye.
    Both are infact something entirly different.

    The eye, is what will apear, if you are with me on this, when yoy lie down or sitt in what ever possition that makes the time a bitt irrelevant because it may take time, hours. When you have closed your eyes, and there is a lightly collored flashes/streaks/patters/, we all see it and to lett this image be there without interferences of inner dialog/thinking, and after a while it will arane it self as a eye, or more like a black eye of a bird, this is only a description, remeber this, and the circle is lightly collored by clowes of different hues, but the eye is dark, the issue is to cett your self Closer to that eye and thats not easy, but eventually when you cett closer to it, it grows in size but insade the drak eye you will see blury images or better , but stil images or sceens of some kind, and still what you need to do is to go insade this Eye with our own mind power, to drag your self into it, and once inside, you are in the weild, or in the same state as Lucid dreaming, and fully conscious, the problen is that this is the moust difficould part, to try and try again, with out other intentions that to learn and gain knowledge, and read about Lucid dreaming tecks,.
    This is the first gate.
    To go thure.

    The spiral, is the visual manifistation fo the second gate, in this rise of energetic awearness and thereby consciousness, is once inside the weild/dreamworld, and if you want to move or change the dream state, or move from mountain topp to mountain topp in a dream state, the movent, when engaged is liek a tunnel visualised as a spiral, and when you ove relaitvily to a local spott, the jurney is inside this tunnel/spiral witch is like flying exept you stand still, and just wath the flight apear.
    To maser this is to also change the dream state in the weild at any given time, just stear at something and your dream changes within a hartbeat, a usefull way of escaping “things”.
    This is the second gate of perseption.

    And to go out side, and if you have clear blue sky, look up on it, lett the gaze relaix and dont focus, and then something manifestes it self, do it.
    This myriads of streaks, in all directions, like miniature lightnings, is what makes this reality.

    Do you think this is far out, hehe, the other side is wastly mutch bigger than this side.
    This is not religion, no, no, this is about the ture Humand mind.



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